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Department of Thoracic Surgery

The following pages are intended to provide you with an overview of the clinical and scientific services offered by our department. The main focus is on surgery of thoracic tumors & metastasis, laryngotracheal surgery, lung transplantation, as well as surgical treatment of pulmonary hypertension and end-stage pulmonary diseases. This is made possible by the availability of all the latest techniques in thoracic surgery, and in lung and circulatory replacement therapies.

Close cooperation with all major partner departments within Vienna General Hospital, as well as with numerous national and international departments guarantees treatment at the highest level and provides access to the latest techniques. Furthermore, ongoing clinical research at our department is supported by translational and basic science in four different research laboratories.

The team of the clinic sees aims to combine the main components of academic medicine including highest standards in patient treatment, research, teaching and continuous education. 

Prof. Clemens Aigner, MD, MBA
Head of Department of Thoracic Surgery